Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Home 6.7 Mile Orbit

After totaling nearly 25 miles last week (with only one day of rest), I have decided to take a less is more approach during the week of my first real trail race.

As planned, I began the week by returning to the 5 mile long (round trip) fire trail to give my wife and friends an idea of what they will face this Saturday. All of us got a decent downhill pace going, but we took it easy (i.e. walked) on the inclines...which was probably good since my legs were feeling the
strain of my previous week's training. Unfortunately, I really needed a few days to get my legs feeling normal again, so I did not run again until today.

With the race only a couple of days away, I felt the need to give myself one last serious distance workout. I reversed my 7.1 mile orbit and took one shortcut hoping to make it exactly 11K, but fell short by 0.19 miles (one more refinement to this orbit and I think I'll have it). Surprisingly, I preferred this reverse direction probably because the incline, though much longer, is nowhere near as steep. Plus you can more fully appreciate the view when you go down Via Del really is spectacular.

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