Sunday, May 11, 2008

One Week To 2nd Half

Last year, when I was figuring out my last training run for my first half marathon, I spec'd out a run that would orbit a section of the peninsula, only to find that I would need to extend it a bit down along RAT Beach to reach the full distance. That said, when it came time to try that run, I improvised a bit by taking a loop on the PV High Cross Country course, decided not to go further than my mom's house, and then ended a bit short of 13 miles.

So, this morning, I decide to stick to the original run...continuing north from the peninsula as far as Avenue E...and I end up logging close to 14 miles. Through 13, I am pretty pleased that my average pace is around 9:40 per mile, because I definitely have not been trying for speed. The incline over the last mile, however, proves brutal...and I end up walking most of it.

While the Palos Verdes Half Marathon does not have nearly as much elevation change as my training workouts, my previous half marathon was nearly flat. I do not expect to set a personal record, nor is it in my best interest to try since this is really more of a stepping stone to my first marathon anyway. I am a bit concerned that my muscles have tightened much more than usual after finishing (uncomfortably so). My right ankle, knee, and hip are also a bit sore (likely from running awkwardly on a downward sloping side of Palos Verdes Drive West), so I am crossing my fingers that the pain subsides over the next couple of days. That said, I am now feeling a bit more confident that I am ready to run my second half marathon.

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