Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blisteringly Fast?

For today's lunchtime run, my coworker and I set out to run 8 miles. Since I have a 10K on Saturday, I do not want to push too hard...a good thing since the sun is hitting hard this afternoon. It is hot!

For some reason, his Garmin is not working, so I am now in charge of monitoring our pace. Our goal (especially mine) is to not go out too fast today, but, as usual, we somehow find ourselves starting with a sub 8 minute per mile pace.

We finish just as strong. In fact, my average over the entire eight miles is 7:58 (including a sub 50 10K). Only problem? I now have blisters on my blisters!

This is definitely my PR for an 8 miler (and for a 10K as well)

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