Sunday, April 6, 2008

Springtime on the Peninsula

Thinking back to high school, I do not think our distance track team ever trained on trails. Obviously our cross country team did, but such training did not start until well after the hills had turned brown under the summer SoCal sun.

So imagine my delight as my wife, friend, and I descend down Burma Road and find the peninsula painted in shades of green and bright yellow. New signs alerting us to ticks and Lyme disease are a bit disconcerting (as are the always present rattlesnake warnings), but we enjoy the setting too much to care.

If my wife hadn't talked me into carrying the water bottle, I would have brought my camera along. That said, I cannot resist pulling out my cellphone to start recording our surroundings as I reach the lowest point on the trail.

Though we started later in the morning than I would normally want to, the marine layer has kept things cool...until now. The sun is starting to poke through. I do not look forward to climbing with the temperature. After all, we still have more than half of our five mile run to go.

Since all of us have not really been training all that much this year (this is actually our first trail run of 2008), I have no problem waiting for everyone to catch up...and then walking with them on the inclines. This simply gives me more opportunities to snap pictures and enjoy the view.

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