Saturday, April 12, 2008

What Am I Thinking?

Despite temperatures forecast into the 90's today, my wife and I foolishly attempt a seven mile run. Obviously, we are not looking to improve our pace...but to even think about such a workout when the Santa Ana's are blowing is more than a little unusual.

Part of the reason I decide to push forward is that I have started to solidify my race calendar for 2008. With the Palos Verdes Half Marathon only a month away, I need to start adding distance especially on weekends when I have the time to do so. But my primary incentive for trying to endure the heat is my foolish decision to attempt the Maui Marathon this September. I cannot shy away from heat or humidity if I want to properly prepare.

Of course, Los Angeles rarely gets humid, so I plan to train on Maui for the two weeks leading up to the event. Am I insane? Well, a year ago I would have laughed at anyone suggesting I attempt even a half marathon. I guess everything is relative.

Today, however, my wife and I let the heat get the better of us. At Malaga Cove Plaza, our halfway point, we decide to detour to my mom's house which is only a mile away...and we end up walking that stretch. A 4.5 mile workout in such temperatures is still a solid effort, but I am far from ready for another half marathon. Fortunately I have still have plenty of time to train for Maui.

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