Thursday, September 4, 2008

Arrived on Maui

And I just got confirmation that I will be running the Hana Relay this Saturday!

Last night, while I was still packing for this marathon trip, my wife forwarded an e-mail from a coworker whose fiancee had been looking for an additional runner for the race. I was already familiar with the event, having read about it a couple of months ago, but figured it would be impossible to gather the necessary team of six runners with such little notice especially because I live on the mainland.

The Hana Relay is categorized as a "fun run" and none of my teammates are serious runners. In other words, I'll be treating this as a warm up for the help me acclimate to the heat and humidity here (today it is in the mid-80's, but feels a LOT hotter!)

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Justin Monast said...

I wish I was there too...