Monday, September 29, 2008

Recovery Update

Despite having issues with my joints all last week (enough discomfort that I could not risk running), I wake up this morning feeling pretty my wife and I decide to run our basic three mile orbit.

It is unexpectedly hot and humid this morning, but I manage to complete the orbit in 27:52. More importantly, I did so without aggravating any of my joints. I finish my last mostly downhill mile in 8:07 (the last 0.2 miles is a steep incline), so, even having taken so much time off, I have not really lost much speed.

That all said, I am fairly certain I will rollover my entry fee for this year's Long Beach Marathon to next year. I now know what can happen over 26.2 miles when my legs feel like they are in perfect health at the start of the race...I do not need to learn what can happen when they are not.

BTW, for those of you who are infrequent visitors to my blog, you should check my earlier posts for the Hana Relay and Maui Marathon because I have been adding details and links to photographs as they become available.

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