Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Asics GT2120 vs Kayano 13

When I got my first pair of Kayano 13s nearly a year ago, I knew I had finally found the perfect road running shoe for me. I started using a second pair when my first started to flatten, but I kept the initial pair in rotation for shorter runs until the last month (when my short runs grew to five miles).

When she picked up my second pair of Kayanos, she also bought a pair of GT2120's for me, a deal too hard to pass up. I rolled them into the rotation a few months ago, hoping to save my precious Kayanos for longer road runs and races (I have Kahanas for trails).

At first, I appreciated the extra spring in my step from my youngest pair...especially on harder running surfaces (like cement). The 2120s felt comfortable, though I immediately could tell that they fit a little differently than my Kayanos.

Today, however, I have deduced that the GT2120s caused last week's nasty blisters...the arch support is catching my left foot too high and forward, especially when my foot packs down to the back of the shoe as I run up steep hills. At first I thought it might be the insole, but I can feel an extra firm bump using my fingers even with the insole removed. The shoe does not bother me on downhill stretches or flat terrain, but I incorporate hills in all of my workouts (he who runs down, must run up).

Fortunately, my wife also got a great deal on Kayano 13s before they were discontinued. I plan to start wearing this third pair using next week so they'll be ready for the Disneyland Half Marathon and Maui Marathon. Until I'm done with these races, I am placing the GT2120s aside so that today's blister (which is nothing compared to the one pictured above) will heal.

That said, blisters haven't stopped my pace from improving on the flat and downhill stretches of my 5 mile orbit...

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