Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dog Eat Dog Run

I know better than to eat a meal thirty minutes before a run, but, having forgotten to bring a gu and not wanting to put off lunch until after 2pm, I decide to do just that...and can feel my meal sloshing around in my gut for the next nine miles.

I have also forgotten my water bottle, which is sitting on my desk (frozen in anticipation of bringing it with me). The sea breeze does little to help me stop thinking about my thirst.

My cellphone armband is still in my laundry hamper, so I am going the distance without tunes...first time I have ever run this far without music. I should not complain because I will not be able to wear headphones during the Maui Marathon. I have nothing to distract me other than conversing with my coworker. Unfortunately, now that he has been running more frequently, he is maintaining sub 8's with ease and starts pulling away on our third mile. Halfway up San Vicente, we get further separated by a long red light.

Excuses aside, I still run this faster than last week's nine miler. The pace is basically the same as our first eight miler from the week before that. Though I can still sprint at the end, I do not feel all that great about it.

Thirty minutes later, my energy drops. My joints (both shoulders and right ankle) ache. And, of course, I have work to do. Fun.

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