Sunday, July 13, 2008

Manhattan Beach Pier 19 Mile Orbit

19.03 to be exact.

Despite getting an even later start than any of my previous *long* runs, this time I run most of the distance...and pretty quickly too. My first 5K split is under 24 minutes, my first 10K split is roughly 50 minutes...both in the ballpark of Thursday's run. My half marathon split is around 1:55...not far off my PR set at the Silver Strand Half Marathon last year. I hit 15 miles at exactly 2:15.

As I reach my mom's house to pick up another water bottle, I start feeling I can finish this entire distance within three hours. Unfortunately, this moment immediately fades as I continue my way up the hill. I struggle to keep my muscles from cramping on the final ascent.

Though I walk for roughly half the uphill distance home, I still manage to keep my overall average pace sub 10.

This run has pushed me past another significant milestone - since getting my Forerunner 205 last September, I have now recorded over 500 miles (502.11miles, 84:15:24.88, avg pace 10:04, 67445 calories...). Crazy!

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