Saturday, July 5, 2008

Manhattan Beach Pier Broken Orbit

Once again, I get a later-than-planned start...and, thanks to spending most of yesterday at a 4th of July barbecue, I'm more than fully fueled for a long run, My latest attempt to set a new distance milestone takes me all the way to the Manhattan Beach Pier. I have already run more than nine miles by the time I round the aquarium/cafe at the end of the pier, so, if I can make it home, I am on track to run close to 19.

While in Manhattan Beach, I consider picking up a Jamba Juice to refuel. Figuring I would enjoy a smoothie more when I finish running, I pass on the juice, but, since I have climbed this far into town, I decide to continue up the road to Valley Drive.

Here I find a soft (and, in some places, nicely shaded) dirt running path that parallels the Valley Drive and, if memory serves, descends all the back to the border of Hermosa and Redondo Beach. Unfortunately, I find the trail to be too soft...running upon the surface requires far more energy than I have to give (plus I keep getting wood chips in my shoes).

I do not make it home, but run more than 14.1 miles before my wife picks me up in our SUV. I will have to attempt this again next week.

Note how many miles I have run this!

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