Saturday, October 11, 2008


I believe I have mentioned before that I am not a fan of out-and-backs. I hate to retrace my steps. I hate running laps too (800m - two laps - is my threshold on a track). That said, both can be means to an end.

For instance, today I am still trying to test my post-marathon limits...unsure if my legs have sufficiently recovered to complete the distance of a half marathon. By planning an out-and-back, I can simply turn back when my legs are starting to have issues.

I am also trying to push my wife to run longer distances, hoping I can get her to consider running an 18km trail race in November. By planning an out-and-back, we can start together, she can find her distance threshold within mine. When she needs to turn around, I can head back, meet up with her, and we can run the rest of the way together

I strongly encourage my wife to run all the way to Miramar Park (4 miles from our home), fully expecting that I can reach Cheesecake Factory (6.5 miles) in the same amount of time it takes her to get there. I tell her to call me as soon as she reaches the park at which time I will turn back regardless of how far I get. She should not have to wait more than 15-20 minutes for me to get back to her...a good amount of time for stretching before the uphill climb home.

I am shocked by how quickly she reaches the park. I receive her call as I approach Knob Hill...which is only 5 miles from home. She has not run many sub-10 minute miles in her training, but, this morning, has already averaged such a pace for three of her four miles! I am actually glad she has called me when she did though. I have been feeling some slight discomfort in my left knee after my run flattened out, so attempting a 13 miler today is probably not a good idea anyway.

I meet up with her and we immediately start our climb. Now that we are running together, I decide to make some course alterations so we can cross Palos Verdes Blvd at a controlled intersection...which adds a little distance. I am pleased that my wife is keeping up with me (I am not intentionally holding back, but I am not pushing my pace either). She is not running like someone who has never run 8 miles before.

As we get closer to home, the road gets steeper for roughly a half mile. My pace really drops here, but my wife needs to walk. She has held a great pace for over seven miles, so she deserves a break.

When we complete our run, she has managed to average 11:19/mile for 8.31 miles...a better pace than many of her shorter runs and a longer distance than she has ever attempted! I am impressed!

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