Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not Running Due To Cold

Temperatures are dropping, it is raining, but the reason I have not run this weekend is due to illness (or, at least, fear of making something worse). A bug has been going around the office and I started feeling its ill effects after Thursday's lunchtime run. I hit a low on Saturday night, but am feeling a little bit better this morning (thanks end-of-DST).

After clocking 26 miles the previous week, I only managed 8 during the last. I blame my crazy ultra running coworker, who wanted me to run with him on Tuesday, but then backed out at the last minute due to a quad injury (I didn't feel like going out during a hot lunch hour on my own, couldn't leave the office until well after it was dark, and didn't want to run on Wednesday knowing I'd be doing a fast eight on Thursday).

At this point, I do not see how I can get myself back up to 30km in time for the next race. Good thing I have not yet registered for it!

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