Sunday, September 23, 2007

Humidity Humility

This weekend, I am in Florida for the first time in my life...having joined my wife who is already here on business. Though I would never have thought to run here especially in the middle of a humid day, my wife reminds me that we have an 11K run in just two weeks. She is hoping I will join her in the air-conditioned comfort of The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne's Fitness Center, but I cannot record mileage on my Forerunner if I run on a treadmill!

With thunderstorms threatening to hit at any moment, I step on the beach and head south, sticking close to the water where the gray sand remains somewhat firm. I only plan to run three miles, but decide to extend my workout as soon as I see Key Biscayne's lighthouse.

Turning around at the lighthouse, I unexpectedly encounter a strong headwind. Already struggling with the heavy humidity, I am barely able to sustain a 10 minute per mile pace. By the time I return to the hotel, I am drenched in sweat...but at least I have a record of my endeavor.

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