Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Home 7.1 Mile Orbit

With the 11K Xterra Pt Mugu Trail Run a week-and-a-half away, I can no longer afford to ease into a more rigorous training routine, nor can I wait until the weekend to test myself at this distance. I have extended the orbit around my home without shying away from significant inclines since I expect to encounter similar elevation changes during our upcoming race.

I start my orbit in what I assume will be the easier direction...downhill. Unfortunately, what goes down, must go up. My route saves the easiest stretch for the end, but, in doing so, has placed the start of the longest and steepest incline exactly at the mid-point. On the bright side, this hill features everything Palos Verdes is known for: spectacular vistas (sadly obscured by the marine layer this morning), huge multi-million dollar homes, and peacocks. As I near the peak, I barely manage to maintain a slow jog, but afterwards I am able to pick up the pace and finish my extended orbit running. Discounting a few pauses to tie shoes or wait for traffic, I probably averaged 10 minute miles. I am hoping I can improve my pace by race day.

My Forerunner data confirms I just ran 7.08 longest since high school. Unfortunately, it also proves my neighborhood is not hilly enough. Am I in trouble?

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