Thursday, September 6, 2007

Home 3.03 Mile Orbit

Nothing is easier to do with consistency than a workout that starts and ends at, when I got more serious about running again, I sought to map out a good 3 mile orbit. My first orbit turned out to be a bit shorter than I expected, so I tried various configurations until I found one that not only hit very close to 3 miles, but also did not cross back on to itself (there's nothing a cross country runner hates more than to traverse the same path twice during the same run...which is why I hated doing the two mile when I was in track).

Up until this week, I was fairly certain that Google Maps verified my orbit's length, but was unsure of the elevation change. All I knew was that I hated the brutal hill I faced upon leaving and returning to my home. Now I know exactly what I'm up against:

Two 150 feet inclines don't seem so bad, but they are steep...and bookend my orbit. Funny thing is I hadn't paid much attention to the similar incline within the first mile.

Before this week, it was taking me longer than 30 minutes to complete this orbit, so I saved it for weekends. Now that I'm sub-30, I plan to run this every other day...and I now have a virtual partner to keep me on pace!

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