Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day at Palisades Park

I don't plan to blog daily about my running experiences, but I really wanted to thank Nike for putting on these free training sessions. It has been a long time since I've run with a group, and breaking into sessions based on pace has quickly shown me what shape I am really in. It doesn't hurt that Nike treats us to freebies including Jamba Juice and, in today's case, salad and sandwiches.

After yesterday's run, I decided to move up to the 3 mile, 9 minute per mile group. Our group ticked off the second mile at an under 8 minute per mile pace. The third mile was a bit of a struggle...but I was still able to finish strong enough to average under 9 minutes per mile for the entire run. At least I know I should target this pace until I can do so without dropping behind. I plan to move into the 5 mile group on Saturday.

Unfortunately, this was the only weekday session I'd be able to attend because of work...core hours end at 6:30pm when each training session is scheduled to begin. I wouldn't have been able to attend today if it weren't for its close proximity to my office and the fact that today was holiday...I was working today.

Pace spikes are from stopping at traffic lights...I should probably stop the timer next time

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